Osteo-Energetix ™

This is my designer label of how I treat patients, what I do the most .  It is a group of synthesized manual therapeutics  which combines osteopathy, Zero Balancing®, aspects of Rolfing®, western and eastern bodywork and physical therapy.


Zero Balancing®

Zero Balancing (ZB) is the most refined and thorough bodywork that I know of.  It is a touch therapy for integrating and elevating body and mind by working at the level of the bone.   ZB uses fulcrums – gentle lifting and traction focused on the bones and joints – to clear these blockages and allow stronger, clearer currents to flow.


CranioSacral Treatment 

A delicate and attentive touch enables releases through bone, fluid, membrane and neurology. This energy mirror unlocks restrictions and allows healing forces to blossom.


CranioSacral Treatment for Newborns and Children 

I am especially dedicated to treating newborns and children to enhance their lives.


Beethoven's Rib ™

(for musicians and performers)


Classes and Lectures

Zero Balancing

The Listening Field Cranio Sacral Approach

Central Axis Integration

Principles of Touch and BioFulcrums

Structure/Energetic Interface: The Deep Mirror

Secrets of the Skeleton