Treatment Approaches

Roy’s practice in physical therapy integrates osteopathic based skills, oriental medicine, western medical knowledge and homeopathy into an art-craft. Treatment includes skeletal, fascial, muscular, cranial/neural and meridian based support. These techniques bridge structure and motion both large and small, helping you to get beyond repair, pain and dysfunction to vitality and health.

Feel and move better than you thought possible.

A simple environment with one-on-one care.

Thorough assessment and improvement of voluntary and non-voluntary movements in targeted areas.

Sensitive, skillful hands-on approach to foster healing, integration and balancing of the body-mind.

Body mechanics analysis for your work environment.

There are no fancy exercise machines, this is a different kind of physical therapy and healing practice.

Roy establishes a listening field within each touch or fulcrum which works at the level of bones, membranes, fluids and nerves.